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Phase II: A Full Service UX Consultancy

We focus on a broad range of industries, companies and applications, but our sweet spot is "hybrid" products and services: those that combine the best of digital and analog technologies.

We are passionate about making experiences seamless, with a strong B2B and B2E orientation.

One of our obsessions is InfoVis. With the rapid rise of big data comes the need to visualize information, accurately and ethically. Phase II designs intensely interactive information visualizations to help identify the meaning behind the data.

Read an interview with Phase II founder, Leo Frishberg.

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A "Connection" InfoVis diagram displaying more than eight dimensions of information.

Phase II’s Design Principles

The "BTU" (Business, Technology, User) model has been popularized over the past several years, but the principles on which it rests stretch back to the Roman Architect/Engineer Vitruvius.

Phase II has embraced these classic principles throughout its history:

Utilitas – Utility (or Commodity) – beyond the obvious meaning that a solution must be useful, it also must be viable. It has to achieve the organization’s charter, whether for-profit or non-profit.

Firmitas – Firmness (or Soundness) – the solution must be technically feasible. At minimum it must respect the laws of physics; at best it will embrace technical constraints as a key differentiator.

Venustas – Beauty (or Delight) – because the solution is meant for human beings, it must be desirable. This principle promotes the mystery and unpredictability of human emotion as a key component to a differentiated product or service.

A Brief History of Phase II


Phase II shifts its focus to UX and product visioning and strategy.

Founding Principal, Leo Frishberg emerged from his deep dive into the enterprise with the realization that many companies face a similar problem. While almost everyone wants a clear vision and strategy, few are able to create them.

Phase II’s services overcome this gap, in part by the company’s unique approach. Phase II doesn’t stop at envisioning possible futures; it validates them with organizations’ stakeholders.

Executing a "closed-loop" process improves the chances of achieving desired outcomes, while reducing the risks of disruption and change.

 User-Centered Software Development

In the mid-90s, Phase II shifted its attention to developing software. Focusing on emergency management and business continuity professionals, Phase II helped establish Cliffside Software, Inc.

Read about Phase II’s user-centered approach to identifying a new product opportunity.

Pivoting Through CAD

In the early 90s, with the decline of the systems furniture market, Phase II focused on applying its expertise and knowledge of CAD to the Facilities Management arena.

Phase II documented and digitized over 1 million square feet of commercial office space throughout the Pacific Northwest for the financial services segment.

As complicated a process as it was, even more complex was managing the logistics of multiple teams across multiple states. Phase II’s project management was noted by its clients as key to the success of the relationship.

From Training to Service

Phase II was founded in 1984 to help Herman Miller dealerships ramp up CAD-based design and specification technologies. You can read more about that engagement here.

Phase II offers a full spectrum of design services, from strategy to execution.

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