Crafting a Transparent Approach to UX Services

Whether you’re doing business development for an agency or an in-house UX group, to win a stakeholder’s business, you must provide a value proposition that makes your services more attractive than those of your competitors. If you’re managing a project, a team, or a business that depends on the delivery of services, it’s essential that you negotiate the project scope and ensure your stakeholders understand what you’ll be delivering before beginning work. It’s also important to reconcile the project scope and track status along the way and manage costs and stakeholder expectations—not to mention your contractual obligations.

In a series of articles hosted by UXMatters, I describe an approach I’ve devised for scoping, estimating, and reconciling services both for Phase II, and as an internal service provider at Intel and The Home Depot. The approach has three key principles that distinguish it from any methods I’ve seen from competing organizations:

  1. Billing by the work, not the hour
  2. Transparency
  3. Putting the customer in control of the scope of effort

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