Delivering Better Products Using a Design Thinking Playbook

Paula looked up from her inbox; the latest status from the dev team was different from what she’d just heard in standup this morning. “What’s going on around here?” She got up from her desk to find Elise, the scrum master, and Uri, the UX lead, to sort things out.  

When she took the PM position on this project, it looked like a great opportunity to move some key features forward. She’d done her due diligence: none of the competition had any of the functionality, the technology was available, and the projections for sales made a great business case. And then, it seemed, nothing but barriers started showing up.

First, Uri asked a ton of questions about the underlying problem. She got that he was just trying to do his job, but it always felt like UX was a blocker – either taking six weeks to do the simplest things or stopping forward progress with low-priority concerns.

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