Shifts in the Workplace: COVID, Design Thinking and the Future of Work

In my presentation to Portland Design Thinkers in October, 2022, I offer a peek into the Future of Work, post-pandemic. Based on 18 months of effort with the athenahealth Workplace Experience taskforce, this presentation focuses on the role that Design Thinking played in helping the taskforce pursue its goals.
The presentation makes three key points:

  • The Future of Work isn’t about how often we come into an office, or the value of working from home. It is an integration of a company’s mission and culture, with an inclusive and equitable approach to employees’ abilities to do the work.
  • It is a fool’s errand to predict the future; we have to build it instead.
  • Recovering from a once-in-multiple-generations event is a journey of discovery. There’s no easy or obvious solution.

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