Envisioning the future.

Crafting a strategy.

The heart of innovation.

With Phase II on your team, time flies when you're inventing the future.

The design thinking cycle is the beating heart of Phase II’s approach.

Inventing the future is fraught with risks: financial, technical and competitive.

Identifying and executing on your strategy requires team alignment, actionable data, and marshalling the right resources.

Applying the design thinking cycle in novel ways, Phase II helps you and your organization cross the threshold of success.

The Traditional Design Thinking Cycle
The traditional "BTU" diagram: Business (orange) Technology (cyan), User (purple)

Vision, strategy, architecture – these are big, fundamental elements of your business.

Phase II builds these from the outside in, from the top down and from the bottom up.

Phase II executes direct research, data analysis and concept generation with you and your team, leading to sustainable and impactful results.